Fia-Stina Sandlund


Fia-Stina Sandlund, born 1973

Educational background:

2000 – 2003 Konstfack in Stockholm
1998 – 2000 The Academy of Photography and Film in Gothenburg

Selected Exhibitions and performances:

2011: The Chessroom, exhibition in Paris, curated by Sinziana Ravini.
2011: Untold stories, Kunstihoone, Tallinnn.
2011: Spot-City Text-Art, Gothenburg.
2011: Screening of She’s Blonde Like Me at Moderna Museet, Stockholm.
2011: Screenings of She’s Blonde Like Me, Gothenburg International Filmfestival (In competition), Gothenburg.
2011: Nordisk Panorama, She’s Blonde Like Me (in competion), Århus, Denmark.
2010: “The Bucharest Biennial”, Bucharest.
2010: “The Moderna exhibition”, Moderna museet, Stockholm, with the Yes!-Association.
2010: “!?” Signal gallery in Malmö.
2010: “Ship to Gaza”, on water.
2009: “VOICE OVER”, IASPIS, Venice Biennial, Venice.
2009: “Kunstler in der KunstGesellschaft”, Dresden.
2009: “Revolution, I Love You”, Trafó Gallery, Budapest.
2008: “6808”, Färgfabriken, Stockholm.
2008: “Revolution, I love you”, traveling exhibition, Europe.
2008: “Playground revolutions”, Rumänska Kulturinstitutet, Stockholm.
2007: “The Gothenburg biennial”, Gothenburg
2007: “Agorafolly”, Europalia, Brussels.
2007: “Formalities”, Iaspis Gallery, Stockholm.
2006: “If you are the rebel, I will be decent”, Riksteatern, Swedish tour/Soloperformance.
2006: “They call us Artfeminists” performance/debate at Kulturhuset, Stockholm.
2006: “ARTFEMINISM”, Liljevalchs, Stockholm.
2006: “Collecting Art, knollege and other stuff at a University”, Stockholm.
2006: Solo exhibition at MAN in Skellefteå, Sweden.
2006: “The Moderna exhibition 2006”, Moderna Museet.
2006: “Capital (It Fails Us Now)” Kunstihoone, Tallinn, Estonia.
2005: “Capital (It Fails Us Now)” UKS, Oslo, Norway.
2005: “#2 Second Blind Date”, performance, gallery ak28, Stockholm.
2005: “ARTFEMINISM”, Dunkers, Gothenburg Art Museum and Liljevalchs.
2005: “Tempo”, documentary festival, Stockholm.
2005: “Radiobio” “Radiocinema”, Stockholm.
2005: “Spokenword & Progressive Song” Mondo, Stockholm.
2005: “Radiodays”, De Appel, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
2005: “Unizone”, Norwegian and Swedish Traveling Exhibitions (Riksutställningar).
2005: “Participation: Nuisance or Necessity?” IASPIS gallery, Stockholm.
2004: “Funeral performance”, Enkehuset, Stockholm.
2004: “Aktionsverket”/”the Action Piece”, Auktionsverket, Stockholm.
2004: “Blind Date” interview-performance with Lars Nittve at “Nordic Excellence”, Stockholm.
2004: “Genus and Media”, travelling exhibition, the west region of Sweden.
2004: “Johanna Gustafsson & co”, Konstakuten, Stockholm.
2004: “Ici”, video-exhibition, Nantes, France.
2004: “Swedish Hearts”, Moderna Muséet, Stockholm.
2004: “WE LOVE YOUKO”, homage-performance to Yoko Ono, Kulturhuset, Stockholm.
2004: “Current Report”, show at Stadsmuséet, Stockholm.
2004: “To do: Write a popsong” Soloshow at gallery Box part 3, Gothenburg.
2003: “To do: Solve the world peace”, Soloshow at Gallery Box part 2.
2003: “To do: Crush the Gubbvälde”, Soloshow at Gallery Box part 1.
2003: “Fia-Stina Sandlund tells you the way it is”, performance at Mondo, Stockholm.
2003: “Catmind” Animal communication-performance during the exhibition “Catwalk”, Stockholm.
2003: “(F)-acts”, gallery Etc, Stockholm.
2003: “Mönstring”/”Inspection”, Norrkopings Art Museum.
2003: “Current Report”, show at Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm.
2003: “Perfect Performance”, Kulturhuset, Stockholm.
2003: Performance with Swedish Radio, Window, Kuturhuset, Stockholm.
2003: “Fia Famous”, Live radio performance at Kulturhuset, Stockholm.
2003: “Art-TV”, Filmhuset, Stockholm.
2002: “It’s tea time, gentlemen”, show with Kaya Ålander, Stadsmuseet, Norrkoping, Sweden.
2002: “Tempo”, documentary festival at Kulturhuset.
2002: “Sthlm Artfair”, Spoken word performance.
2002: “Expo September”, photo exhibition, Stockholm.
2002: “Fia Famous & the Fruitcakes”, After Shopping, Stockholm.
2002: “Fia Famous & the Fruitcakes”, SEX-magazine, Södra Teatern, Stockholm.
2002: “Rumla”, Spoken word performance, oo-tal magazine.
2002: Performance with Unfucked Pussy at Stockholms Stadsteater.
2002: “Passenger”, performance, Astrup Fearnley musem, Oslo.
2002: “He came, he saw, he conquered”, the naming of a place after a dead brother, Linkoping.
2001: Performance, Sugar Janos studio, Budapest, Hungary.
2001: “Resistance”, “Unfucked Pussy is throwing rocks”, Moderna Museet, Stockholm.
2001: Unfucked Pussy at Stadsteatern, Stockholm.
2001: Unfucked Pussy at Stadsteatern, Gothenburg.
2001: “To have and have not”, with Marianne Lindberg de Geer, Gallery Maneten, Gothenburg.
2000: Unfucked Pussy at Uppsala Art Museum.

Protest actions:

2004: “50/50”, the Grammy award
2003: “We can not eat the honour”, action against Norrköpings Art Museum.
2003: “The red stocking is thrown”, radio protest against the country Denmark.
2003: Radio protest action against national film awards.
2002: Action Against Miss Sweden part 2.
2002: TV-protest against the talkshow Slussen, TV3.
2001: Action against Sweden’s Lucia pageant at Skansen, Stockholm.
2001: Action against Café-magazine, Sturecompagniet, Stockholm.
2001: TV-protest against Miss Sweden part 1.


2005: Frispel, P3, “I think I am bleeding. Do you think so?”.
2005: “Lantz i P3”, as sidekick on national radio.
2004: SRc, “The Way Of Socialism”.
2004: SRc, “Made in China”.
2004: SRc, “Dramatic Dubbel”.
2004: Flipper on P3, interview with Kate Pendry.
2003: P1, “the Artist Club – as one big happy family”.
2003: Flipper, P3, as house artist.
2003: P1, the philosophical room, “Dirt” and “the Gaze”.
2002: P1, window performance, Kulturhuset, Stockholm.
2002: SRc, “Mongoloid he was a mongoloid”.
2002: P1, “Feministic spoken word medley”.
2002: SRc, “Fia Famous Black&White Research”.
2001: Frispel, P3, “Unfucked Pussy hates men”.

Own text

2011: Obscurantism, by Studio SM.
2010 – 2011: Chronicles for HD, Helsingborgs Dagblad.
2010: Glänta, ACT 1 – An idealistic attempt.
2006: Paletten, What is Political Art?
2006: Glänta, The Artist’s club, You and I.
2006: Etc-magazine, 23/11
2006: Kopenhagen Newsletter curated by Judith Scwarzbart.
2005: Fabrik-magazine, “Kate”.
2005: Arena magazine, Artfeminism.
2005: Etc-magazine, “the opinionmachines are out of order”.
2004: “Texst”, “Dramatic Dubbel”.
2004: BANG-magazine, “Remember her name”.
2004: “the heart of darkness”, exhibition catalogue.
2004: Umeå Art Academy, catalogue.
2004: “Femkamp”, nordic, feministic anthology.
2004: Etc-magazine, “the grammy award 2004”.
2004: Presens-magazine, “countryside living”.
2004: Expressen, “somebody please help, the scream is stolen.”
2004: the Ladyfest book, “Fia-Stina Sandlund tells it the way it is”.
2003: Fanzine “Problems/Solutions”.
2003: Tidningen Expressen, Fem Unga. 2003: Visslingar & Rop “Sven (he who thinks he is special)”.
2003: Expressen, about the movie Everybody loves Alice.
2003: Etc-magazine, “About artists”.
2003: Femkul-magazine.
2002: Sourze, the book, “It’s payback time”.
2002: “Whistles & Shouts”, “Sven (he who think he is special)”.
2002: Aftonbladet daily newspaper, article about Miss Sweden.

Text by others please google
2010: Creamier (Phaidon press) selected one of the 100 most emerging artists in world.


2004: Pedagogical project with college students at Zone Modern, Moderna Museet, Stockholm.
2004: Pedagogical project, Children’s Megaphone, Riksteatern.
2003-2007: Worked as a guest teacher at Konstfack, The Royal Art Academy in Stockholm, Umeå Art Academy and Valand in Gothenburg etc.


2004: TCO’s culture award.
2003: Nominated, the Big Radio Award, documentary of the year.
2002: Nominated, artist of the year, Nöjesguiden.


2004: Working grant, the Art Grants Committee.
2005: Helge Ax:son Johnson, travel grant.
2005: IASPIS, support for Swedish artists exhibiting abroad.
2006: NIFCA Nordic Air in Copenhagen. Spring 2006.
2007: IASPIS Studio recidency in NYC.
2009: IASPIS, support for Swedish artists exhibiting abroad.


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