Fia-Stina Sandlund


#2 Blind Date (repeat) / Blind-date i Repris / 2006

Interview performance with Lars Nittve, head of Moderna Museet in Stockholm. It was originally performed in 2004 at Kulturhuset during the performance festival, Nordic Excellence, and repeated during autumn 2005 at Galleri ak28. It all began when I wanted to interview Lars live on stage, but, for various reasons, he decided against it. Instead we recorded an interview. In the performance, we mix the documented conversation with my live running commentary. We talk about our roles, about Lars’ background in leftwing politics and his monthly salary of 93000 kronor. The performance begins with me reading the email conversation prior to the interview and concludes with Lars choosing between two presents, two spray cans. One contains light blue paint and is called Teen Spirit. The other one is dark red paint, Royal Red. Lars chooses Royal Red.

Sound recording available here:?

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