Fia-Stina Sandlund



ACT 1. An Idealistic Attempt + ACT 2. Reconstruction Of An Action That Never Took Place / 2007

ACT 1. An Idealistic Attempt is constructed as an interview with the artist herself. We hear her ask herself to what extent she is (we are) prepared to take risks for the sake of “ideals”. Her scrutiny circles around an action she was planning together with Ulla Røder, a Danish activist. The action was directed against Mærsk McKinney Møller – a shady person involved in shady businesses and with contacts high up in the Danish government and royal family. At a moment when the situation becomes precarious, the artist decides to think twice before going ahead. The course of events impedes them nevertheless, from carrying out the action. As the date for the action is getting closer Ulla disappears.

ACT 2. Reconstruction of an action that never took place - as the title suggests – is a continuation or rather a “putting to life” of the failed action. The activist Ulla Røder is not present in person but instead through the lyrics of Verdi’s Opera Nebuchadnezzar, which she has laboriously revised into a political statement. Mærsk McKinney Møller – the person that the action was directed against – has invested capital in the Danish opera house and the action was therefore planned as an operatic act. All the time conscious that this is only a “staging” of the failed action, the artist acts it out accordingly. Addressing the same issues and the same person, as when it was first conceived, yet referring to the Great Absent in the part - Ulla, with her determination, conviction and ideals.

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