Fia-Stina Sandlund


Action against the gold beetle ceremony / Kuppen mot Guldbaggegalan / 2003

During spring 2003 I worked as the house-artist for the Flipper show on national public service radio. Together with the host Marcus Lindeen I began to combine activism with journalism. We documented our own coups and made radio out of them. The first coup was aimed at the Swedish film awards ceremony, Guldbaggegalan, which was at that time characterized by obsolete, stereotypical, gender roles and a great imbalance of awards between the sexes.

In 2003, only two women won awards and they were for best actress and best supporting actress. This time Swedish Radio, Sveriges Radio, forbade us from jumping on to the stage (my usual approach). The coup was therefore executed at the ensuing party, not during the live broadcast. We stood up among all the guests and revealed our shirts with the text: GULDGUBBEGALA, a play on words, roughly Gold Old Males’ Gala. We then shouted out the equality statistics for the film industry and concluded with “WE WONDER WHY?” We broadcast the protest and story with interviews with leading actors and directors in Flipper. And the film gala hasn’t been the same since. It was a successful coup.

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