Fia-Stina Sandlund


Fia Famous / 2002

Performance-alter ego Fia Famous came to be in conjunction with a performance at the Astrup Fearnley museum in Oslo. When I arrived at the museum, someone had painted the name Fia Famous and the time for the performance on the wall. The performance at the Astrup Fearnley was specifically designed for its location. The room was designed by students at the Oslo academy of art. The floor was covered with a flowery fitted carpet and cushions. During my 45 min spot I gave the visitors a crash course in new age; liberating dance, yoga, tantra sex, rasta theory, DIY telepathy and relaxation. The member of the audience deemed by Fia Famous to have behaved best was awarded the title of enlightened and a medal in the shape of a light bulb. At the end, the audience lay in the dark, listening to a relaxation tape and imagining they were mentally retarded.
Fia Famous then developed into a character that claimed to be able to read the minds of men and talk to animals and children. In her performances she preached and experimented on her audience. Fia Famous did two Swenglish songs with Emma Nylén alias Emmon: Positive Approach and Psychic. Sometimes Fia Famous performed with a repressed musician who played the trombone and ate butter straight out of the tub. During Perfect Performance at Kulturhuset in Stockholm, Fia Famous and Olle put on a three act show with guests.

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Postive Approach
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