Fia-Stina Sandlund


Han kom, han såg, han segrade / 2002

Project in which I got a site outside Linköping named after my younger brother, Olle, who was mentally handicapped and died of cancer in 2001. To push my proposal through I put pressure on local politicians by contacting Swedish TV who documented the whole process from the first phone call to the local council to the inauguration on what would have been Olle’s 25th birthday. The Gladpack choir performed at the opening ceremony and bishop Martin Lönnebo held a speech. The monument was unveiled by a local councillor. It has the following inscription:


Olle Sandlund remained in Linköping from his birth in 1977 to his early death in 2001. He was mentally handicapped. Olle was interested in large buildings, things that rotated, music and other sounds. He could often be found at this spot.

Olle Sandlunds Plats is located outside Linköping in a field at the foot of a wind power station. The local people now eat their picnics at this previously unknown place.

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