Fia-Stina Sandlund


Swedish GladART / Svensk GladKONST / 2006

Documentation of a rehearsal by Gladpack, a choir from Linköping, Sweden. The members of the choir have various mental disabilities. They meet every Thursday to sing and play instruments. The hallmark of the choir is its great atmosphere and its repertoire, which is charged with symbols. The video was shown in the Unizone exhibition, produced by Riksutställningar, and the Norwegian equivalent toured the border during summer 2005.


Välkommen bland oss (Welcome among us)
Vad vore livet utan…? (What would life be without…?)
Drömmen om Elin (A dream of Elin
La dolce vita
Snickerboa (Emil’s song)
Apans sång (The monkey’s song)
We are all the winners

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