Fia-Stina Sandlund


My work is constructed as one endless on-going project, which intersects with society via art as well as through media and political activism. These three areas share the quest for a social critique, though executed in different ways, meaning they operate from widely different rules, opportunities and obstacles. I’m investigating how and when it’s useful to speak from each position, to blur the borders between them and to reveal their individual limitations.

I am attached to a feminist performance tradition, as well as a tradition of political activism and intervention. The documentation of my performances/actions/interventions has become an integrated part of my work. While the actions highlight symbols of various phenomena inside the system that I am criticizing, the documentation of the actions on the other hand, sets the often straight or one-dimensional action into a more nuanced context. The element of taking control over the retelling of the action is an important and integral part of the process. Instead of handing the voice over to somebody else, such as a journalist for example, I am taking charge, to gain agency in the event of the storytelling.


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